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PKR 5,900
SC-306MMD E (English)
PKR 6,400
SC-306MMD (Pashto/Farsi)
PKR 6,400
Useful Messages: Urdu

- Accurate real time clock.
- Ishraq and Zawal Time indication.
- Hijri/Gregorian date, Hijri year and weekday display.
- Count down for Tahajjud, Sunrise, Zawal and Sunset.
- During Ramazan, Sehri and Iftar countdown.
- Daylight saving ON/OFF option.
- Support more than 1300 Cities of the world.
- Adjust for any city by entering Latitude, Longitude and Time zone.
- Facility to derive Prohibited time indicating bulb.
- Customize prayer time table Programming is possible.
- Adjustable Juristic Method like Hanafi, Shafii.
- Arabic, English, Urdu, Pushto/Farsi, Portuguese language support
- Temperature display.
- Special Islamic greetings
- Internal battery cell to keep Date/Time remain updated even at power OFF.
- Wall Mount / Desktop.

- Dimension: 17.5x11x1.0 inch, (44x28x2.5 cm)
- Net Weight : 2.0 Kg
- Digit Height: 2.3 inch, (5.8 cm) - RED
- Supply: 110V-240V AC
- Enclosure: Wood
- External Bulb Socket: 110V-240V AC